Teutopolis, Illinois
 is a place where people and neighbors still look after each other’s kids, watch over each other’s houses, and share laughter and good times together. Teutopolis is located within three miles of Effingham, in the “Heartland of America” and still thrives on the discipline and values that have made Teutopolis a success for 175 years. We have a small town atmosphere with a limitless entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage, rural character and natural environment with a positive environment for business and industry. Community service is alive and well in T-Town. The region’s natural beauty, coupled with abundant amenities, makes it an excellent place to live. Village President, Greg Hess, welcomes all to the community. To contact Greg you may call 217-663-2108 or message him by email.



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Important Recycling Information

The Village of Teutopolis’ Recycling Program would like to thank the citizens and businesses for their generous donations to date and want to encourage continued support so that the Teutopolis Recycling program will be able to pay for the monthly pick-ups for the recycling program. All donations can be sent to the Village Hall at PO Box 776 or deposited in the drop box located at the recycling site.
We average 3-4 cardboard pick-ups every 2 weeks and 2 plastic dumpster pulls are picked up at the site each month. Sanitation Services charges $90 each time they pick up, which for Teutopolis is twice a month, and Chase’s Recycling is now charging approximately $80 per month to pick up our cardboard. Therefore, our monthly recycling expenses average $260 per month.
According to the Clean Air Council, on average, each one of us produces 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day, adding up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year and because of the recycling efforts in Teutopolis this amount of waste is being reduced and reused. We would hate to discontinue this service because it is such a valuable resource for Teutopolis and surrounding communities. Continue to reduce, reuse and support the Teutopolis Recycling Program.
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Fun Facts: Scooby Doo made his first appearance 47 years ago, Pac-man game was released 36 years ago and the first compact discs were sold 34 years ago. ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you know for every 100 females in Teutopolis age 18 and over there are 97.9 males! ... See MoreSee Less

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Reminder that anyone owning a golf cart and driving on Village Streets must have the cart inspected each year and a new 2016 sticker displayed before you are allowed to be on village streets. Please contact the village hall to make an appointment for inspection and to receive sticker. ... See MoreSee Less

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 Employment Opportunity

The Village of Teutopolis is looking to fill a position for a village assistant.

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