Teutopolis Press – Dieterich Special Gazette

The Teutopolis Press had its first issue published on April 21, 1898 with G.H. Tegenkamp and Charles A. Worman listed as editors. By the 12th edition of the paper, Tegenkamp’s name was dropped from the masthead. A notice appeared to that effect and Worman became owner. The price of a subscription to the newspaper for one year was $1.00. Workers at the Teutopolis Press made about 9 cents per hour. Mr. Worman died in 1944 still owning the paper.
Robert Probst of Champaign and Art Martens purchased the paper in 1954. The masthead listed the business as Worman Printery, Inc. In 1955, Jos. B. Siemer bought Art Marten’s share, and he was listed as editor until his death. Probst’s sale of interest was not listed. In June 1976, Don Hecke was the principal purchaser of the newspaper from the Siemer family. At the time of the purchase, J.H. Griffin was managing the newspaper and Luella Griffin was serving as editor. In 1979, the Teutopolis Press moved from the old Worman Printery building to its present location at 107 East Main Street. This is probably when the Teutopolis Press stopped being printed in Teutopolis, since the current location is not large enough to store printing equipment. During the time the Siemer family owned the paper, the Dieterich Special Gazette became part of the combined newspaper re-named the Teutopolis Press-Dieterich Special Gazette. The Teutopolis Press-Dieterich Special Gazette was sold to Gatehouse Media, a corporation based in New York.  It is published every Wednesday in Olney where the publisher, Kerry Kocher, is located. The Teutopolis Office closed its doors on April 17th, 2015 and the office moved to Newton.  News articles, pictures, announcements and events can be dropped off at Wessel’s Grocery, faxed to Newton Press-Mentor at 618-783-2325, emailed to news@teutopolispress.com or you can call 618-783-2324 for more information.