Comprehensive Plan

In February of 2011, the Village adopted a Comprehensive Plan. The Vision of the plan was to have a place where our small town atmosphere, entrepreneurial spirit, culture heritage, rural character and natural environment is preserved and promoted.  The Comprehensive Plan is a key element in formulating the approach that our community will take in addressing the issues of land use, public policies toward development, and infrastructure requirements. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide a framework for the governing body to ensure that a course, focused on a common goal, is maintained.  The plan would not have been possible without the feedback, input and expertise provided by citizens, staff, federal and state agencies and volunteers who gave their time and input in hopes of building a stronger, more progressive Village. 
The Bike and Pedestrian Plan was adopted as part of the comprehensive plan to insure residents of the community had safe, accessible bike and walking paths to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Teutopolis Comprehensive Plan.
Bicyle and Pedestrian Plan