The Village of Teutopolis enacted a “Code of Ordinances Book” in 2016 which consists of the following titles: General Provisions, Administration, Public Works, Traffic Code, General Regulations, Business Regulations, General Offenses and Land Usage. Please click on the link below to review the codification book. If you need assistance please contact the Village Hall at 217-857-3543 or  email us.

Code of Ordinances
Golf Cart Information.
Golf Cart Permit and Release Form

Opt-Out Program for Supply of Electricity Ordinance No. 818.

Extra-territorial Zoning Map.
Zoning Map

Ordinance No. 884
Ordinance No. 885
Ordinance No. 886
Ordinance No. 886 Exhibit A, B
Ordinance No. 887
Ordinance No. 888
Ordinance No. 889