Every year, Americans throw away enough paper, plastic cups, forks, and spoons to circle the  equator 300 times. According  to the Environmental  Protection Agency
,the average American  produces a  total of 29  pounds per week  (1,600 pounds a year.)   Effingham County is only one of two counties in Illinois which does not have a country wide supported recycling program.  T
he Village of Teutopolis, Saint  Francis Church  and citizens  of the community have recognized recycling as a quality of life issue.  A  recycling center, located at 105 South Garrett Street, has been established to insure residents an ability to recycle. Plastic can be recycled by dropping off the items in the bins at the location.  Aluminum cans, plastic sacks and paper can be dropped off at the paper depot also located at this address. Donations are needed to sustain the program and are accepted at the recycling center drop box or the Village Hall, 106 West Main Street, P.O. Box 776 Teutopolis, IL  62467.  Please Volunteer, it only takes 15-20 minutes/per month of your time.  Please contact Chris Mette at


Recycling Guidelines

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