The Curl Bar – May 2019

The Curl Bar – May 2019

Have you ever felt defeated before you even started your fitness journey? The timing isn’t right, there isn’t a facility close to your home and you don’t know the difference between a dumbbell and a kettle bell? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Owner of The Curl Bar and personal trainer, Rick Belford knew how intimidating and inconvenient the gym can be and wanted to offer Teutopolis residents a fitness facility everyone could utilize.

In 2015 The Curl Bar opened for business on Main Street in Teutopolis. This allowed residents of Teutopolis to have a convenient location to use the fitness facility and meet their personal fitness goals any time of the day with their 24 access capabilities. Fast-forward 3 years and The Curl Bar is home to a new part of Teutopolis. The new location, 318 E Main St in Teutopolis is filled with new equipment such as free weights, treadmills, strength machines, 2 full bathrooms, and a classroom. Belford noticed the needs of the members who used the gym while on Main St and wanted to be sure to cater to them at the new location. “A lot of members work out in the morning before they head into work so it was important I had a couple of bathrooms with showers so they could dedicate time to get in a good workout and not be late for work. I also strived to make sure I had enough free weights and treadmills so members weren’t waiting to use the equipment” states Belford.

The Curl Bar also offers personal training to those who need extra accountability along with guidance on using the equipment the safe and effective way. “For my clients convenience is key. I try my best to be flexible with my training schedule because everyone has different obligations” adds Belford. If you’re interested in personal training at The Curl Bar you can contact Rick to set up an introductory session.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Curl Bar and how you can get started on your healthier lifestyle call or text 217-663-6278.

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