57/70 Brewery – June 2019

57/70 Brewery – June 2019

Excitement is brewing! Passion, backed by the ingenious ideas of Al Church and Tom Bauserman, created 57/70 Brewery. After serving in the military, Al returned to the states over 24 years ago to find that nowhere in the area could recreate that famous German and Czelsovakian beer taste he loved so much. Church read a book about home brewing and began to create and experiment with Craft beers for the enjoyment of himself, his friends, and his family. A partnership formed between Church and Bauserman a year ago and the brewery began as both men researched rules and regulations closely. As luck would have it, Bauserman lived within an area zoned for construction and the pair decided to transform his detached garage into a brewery location. With homemade ingenuity and do it yourself hard work, the team found ways to cut costs by creating much of the machinery and even a walk-in cooler by themselves. Church says that all the hard work to redesign the garage and build this business from the ground up is what makes him most proud.


Named after the iconic interstate crossing of I-57 and I-70, 57/70 Brewery was born honoring the tradition of the place it all began. 57/70 brews four beer consistently including the On-Ramp Golden Ale, the Parkway Pale Ale, the Expressway IPA, and the Roundabout Stout. The duo loves to experiment with new recipes and flavors, like their latest Cranberry Orange Belgian concoction which Bauserman deemed a huge success! Struggling mainly when people refuse to try a new experience, 57/70 hopes to help beer lovers expand their palettes and grow to appreciate a delicately created craft. Be on the lookout for new flavors as the men continue to push the boundaries of Craft beer with flavors like fresh fig- imported straight from Southern California or a new batch infused with honey.


Support their current specialties at places like Wessel’s, Brickbat, Lion’s Liquor, Top Shelf Liquor, Gabby Goat, EffingBrew and even Herron Cove, which utilizes some of their brews in their sauces and cuisines. 57/70 hopes to continue growth and expand their brand by attending beer festivals and eventually opening a tap room accompanied by food trucks. Drink fresh, drink local, and drink passion when you support 57/70 Brewery!


Contact al.church@5770brewery.com and follow them on Instagram @5770brewery for more information.

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