Burning Policy

With Fall approaching and time for leaf burning it is time to remind everyone of the BURNING POLICY for the Village. Burning is only permitted on Friday, Saturdays and Mondays between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Fires need to be extinguished if not burned out by 6 pm on the days allowed to burn. Burning is not permitted when the wind velocity is in excess of 10 miles per hour or within 20 feet of any building, structure, property line or waterway. Burning of any material other than Dry Landscape waste or Brush is prohibited at all times. Burning is not permitted on public roads, alleys, sidewalks or easements nor in drainage ditches. Fines may be imposed if a person violates any provisions of the village’s burn ordinance. Please adhere to these rules so on “No Burning Days” everyone can enjoy being outdoors.


Illegal Burning

Burn Barrel FAQ

Open Burning Permits