Teutopolis Has Fiber Optic

Teutopolis Is Fiber Optic Equipt!

The Village of Teutopolis is ecstatic to innovate our town through the addition of Fiber Optic Internet options along with phone and TV.  These services will be offered over the entire village limits, K&N subdivision, Weber and Country Lane subdivisions and Westwoods Estates subdivision. Perks of fiber optic internet allow area businesses to provide faster and better service to customers.  Residents can also use this high-speed internet service for faster connection and communication.  The service will NOT raise taxes but will provide an opportunity for growth throughout the Teutopolis area.


What is Fiber Optic Internet? 

“Fiber-optic Internet is the transmission of Internet data by light signals that travel on a fiber encased in a cable. The signal is known for being especially strong over large distances, and extremely fast. As such, fiber-optic Internet is quickly becoming a preference for many service providers, as well as businesses that rely on dependable, high-speed Internet usage.” – wise geek.com