One size fits all is never the solution at Kremer pharmacy! Established in 2012, Kremer Pharmacy began when leader at Runde Clinic, told Dwayne Kremer about a great opportunity to begin a pharmacy next to their business. Dwayne had an extensive history in the industry and knew that what mattered the most to pharmacy patients was the customized approach and expertise he could offer his clients. Kremer Pharmacy opened and begin to specialize in personalized service, helping the person rather than just treating general symptoms. The convenient location connected to Runde Clinic, making Pearl Street in Teutopolis a one stop shop for wellness.

Although it was a big transition to create and run his own business, Kremer says learning how to run the business side of the pharmacy has been the most rewarding aspect of the company. They have had many successes and even opened a second location two years ago in Altamont.

Technology has been rapidly innovating since 2012 and Kremer Pharmacy has been at the forefront of these advancements. Patients can refill prescriptions with ease using their app, website, quick pickup window, phone number, and even leave after hours messages to access their medications as quick as possible. On top of that, Kremer’s offers delivery in the Effingham and Teutopolis area making it easier and more convenient to access medication in every scenario. The thing that really sets this pharmacy apart from others is their fast and friendly service.

Dwayne Kremer attests that when you walk into his business, you will often be greeted by name and helped by a pharmacist who knows your history and can accommodate to your specific needs. They use compounding, which is a process of customizing medicine by dosage in order to give their patients the most accurate solutions. In the future, Kremer Pharmacy hopes to serve even more of the Teutopolis, Effingham, and Altamont area and show the difference that customized medications, backed by quick and friendly service, can make.

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