Community Support Systems has been providing outstanding care and support for the disabled community and their family members since 1962. First founded as a school to cater to special needs children, CSS has evolved into the adult care and support field, helping their patrons through adulthood. Lisa Siemer, a CSS employee, attests that what makes this non-profit so special is the “true joy” that each member and employee experiences when participating in the programs.

Community Support Systems had grown immensely since their humble start in 1962. They now run five branches including developmental training, residential placement, supported employment and more. Employees of CSS get to know their members on a personal level, using this close bond to tailor services to each individual’s needs. While many fun activities like slushy days and Super Bowl parties are a regular occurrence, CSS also teaches members necessary life skills to function independently within the world. CSS members love to work hard and contribute to the community whether they are employed at local restaurants or helping create displays for local Teutopolis companies. Certain members take extra pride in their ability to package John Boos’ mystery oil. Joy fills the areas where these members work, and this joy reaches new heights on payday where members are rewarded for their hard work and effort. The mentorship program allows the CSS members to interact with a role model and expand their friendships. This program has a tremendous impact on member’s skills and attitudes, even if the meeting only consists of a simple conversation or a quick craft. Becoming a mentor within this program is a great way to give back to the community and enhance the lives of others.

In the future, CSS hopes to continue to provide great services and support to the disabled community and their families. According to a recent audit, the state proved that facilities like CSS are underfunded. The non-profit relies on donations from generous individuals in order to continue to make huge impacts to their members. Donations of time and resources can change the lives of Community Support System’s patrons. Go experience the happiness at CSS!

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