Swingler Construction – January 2020




Swingler Construction is a family owned and operated business, shifting their business focus from pre-fabricated homes, to becoming a leader in pre-manufactured steel buildings. In 1946, Louis J. Swingler started the construction company and thrived with the help of his three sons. Today, the company has been managed and supported by five generations of the Swingler family. The current office sits on top of the old family chicken coop- just more proof of the family oriented values the company continues to hold highly.

Swingler Construction keeps their schedule packed with projects ranging from schools and hospitals to churches. Their fastest growing products encompass pre-engineered metal buildings, which have grown in popularity over the past years. With the growing popularity of these materials, Swingler Construction also accredits much of their current success to the advancement of technology, which allows them to send blueprints quickly, and streamline more work to clients.

While the products and communications have evolved since their founding in 1936, the family values remain true. Swingler Construction is built on a strong foundation of family values, as are their constructions projects.