Wooden Shoe Development LLC

Mission Statement:


Wooden Shoe Development LLC helps our friends and neighbors to start and grow their businesses in Teutopolis, to create good jobs, and to enhance the prosperity of our community.

Wooden Shoe Development, LLC has 20 members who are successful local business people. All members live in the Teutopolis school district, which means decisions are made by and for the residents of our community. We have a million dollars to invest in the future of this town – we want to provide financial backing both to those who are starting new businesses and to those who are growing their existing businesses. Wooden Shoe Development LLC assists businesses by means of several different forms of investment; while we invest, we advise and support the business owner to make the best of his opportunities. We aim to make a profit for everyone involved!


If you’re looking for an investment partner, please contact us:


Chuck Deters – 217-259-5028
Ron Probst – 217-857-3352
Travis Bushue – 217-821-6869


Each proposal will be considered on its own merits.