Community Support Systems (CSS) – Teutopolis Business of the Month

For over six decades, Community Support Systems (CSS) has provided exceptional care and support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Originally established in 1962 as a school for children with special needs, CSS has expanded its offerings to become a comprehensive organization annually serving more than 1,300 children and adults in the disabled community.


From its humble beginnings, CSS has grown significantly, now operating across five branches, providing vocational training, residential placement, community employment, respite services, and more. What distinguishes CSS is its individualized approach, with staff forging strong bonds with participants and tailoring services to their specific needs. These meaningful connections foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among CSS individuals served, enabling them to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the community. Community Support Systems’ work consistently impacts members’ skills and attitudes, highlighting the transformative power of human connection and support.


Community Support Systems is actively working towards greater community integration for the individuals it serves. The organization collaborates with local businesses to employ individuals served by CSS, fostering inclusivity in the workforce and offering meaningful employment opportunities. Additionally, CSS facilitates participation in community events and activities, enabling individuals to engage with their neighbors and experience the same opportunities as those without disabilities. By promoting integration and equal access, CSS helps individuals served build connections, increase their independence, and lead fulfilling lives within the broader community.


Looking to the future, CSS is committed to continuing its mission to enhance opportunities to Live, Learn, Work and Play throughout the east-central Illinois community. As we celebrate CSS’s remarkable legacy spanning over 62 years, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting organizations like CSS, whose unwavering dedication enriches the lives of individuals with disabilities and strengthens our community.


To discover more about Community Support Systems and find out how you can contribute to its mission through volunteering, donations, or community integration, please visit their website at or call 217.705.4300. For additional information on family services, also check out