Our Electric Aggregation Program with Homefield Energy was terminated in December 2022.  The Village’s new electrical aggregation provider will be Constellation. The new contract with Constellation will start in February 2023 and last for 36 months. The new contract has a fixed rate of .11490 per kilowatt-hour. There is No Contract to sign and No Enrollment Fee. This rate is lower than prices currently being offered by door-to-door solicitors or telemarketing. In our community’s aggregation program, residents are not required to sign a contract and will not be called or visited by a salesperson. Residents are often confused by the actions of marketers, who typically present savings compared to the Ameren Illinois rates. Our community’s electric contract price is already lower than Ameren’s rates. It was locked in at a lower point in the market last fall. Market prices have increased in the past several months, but our program is protected from the market’s volatility and the price is guaranteed for 3 years. Further, our program’s rates do not have variable, hidden, or “pass-through” charges. If you are approached by an electric marketer, it is not part of our community’s aggregation program. Be certain to review all contract terms, ask about additional charges, and not feel pressured to take action right away. If you are a new residential electric customer or uncertain if you are enrolled in the community aggregation program, please contact:

Constellation at 833-728-0127