The road system in the Village of Teutopolis and in the extra-territorial area surrounding the Village is composed of four levels of government jurisdiction. These include the Village, County, Township and State and Federal highway systems. Within the Village boundary all roads are under Village authority except US Highway 40/Main Street and County Highway 19. The Village has 22 miles of paved roads, 2 miles of unpaved and 11 miles of sidewalks. Main Street/US 40 provides east/west connectivity and Pearl and Green Streets are main routes that leave the Village. The incorporated area of the Village is 1,039 acres (1.62 square miles). Over 65% of the streets have a sidewalk. Sidewalks provide access to all important points of interests including schools, parks, government offices and the central business district. Sidewalk replacement/new construction is an ongoing project within the Village. The village strives to address any and all drainage issues within the village limits. Storm sewer inlets are being repaired/replaced and ditches are periodically cleaned for proper drainage. Anyone wanting to cover a ditch must abide by the Ditch Tiling Policy set forth by the village board.